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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Take a bike tour; The countdown is coming!

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Air Force v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

What do you call a fake noodle?

An impasta.

Bored over the summer? Take a bike tour of Boise State.

Which should be fun.

Sign up for a #BikeTour of #BoiseState, every Friday at 10am this summer! See the sights of our beautiful campus & downtown on bikes #Repost @eichtee・・・Ever since I started at Boise State it has been my DREAM to offer a biking tour to align with (and show off!) the biking culture that is so prevalent both on and off campus. I have tried year after year to make this a thing, but there were always too many hoops to jump through and hurdles that were just a little too high. I was just too stoked on this idea though so I didn't let it go!! Well, my friends, today that perseverance paid off ☺️ Ms. Drea Burton guided Boise State's first ever BIKE TOUR!! She was able to show them the stadium, on-campus housing, downtown Boise, the Capitol, and the academic side of campus all within 90 minutes. Soooo excited, happy, and proud. Bike Tour - ✅ @boisestateadmissions #BoiseState #boisestatebiketour #theyseemerollin #bikeboise

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I need to get a new bike as I inadvertently left mine chained to a bike rack at my old apartment complex about ten years ago. Woops. It wasn't a great one, but it worked. Looks like I'll need to get another one, and soon!

Hey guys. Guess what?

We're about to get real busy around these parts.

And you're going to have a whole bunch of dudes to learn about. Tomorrow will mark another foray into Fearless Leader's brainchild: the OBNUG countdown.

So you better be ready. Or we'll sick Illidan on you.

September Heisman honorees

I had forgotten that Case Keenum had ended the year ahead of Kellen Moore in the voting. That's annoying.

Some more odds on certain teams and their ability to win the national title

Boise State is 100/1. Hey. Not TOO bad. Certainly not the worst.


Hypernom. Trippy.