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2016 stadium color schemes released, and you will comply!

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Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State released the home color schemes for the 2016 season and you must not resist them. The fanbase must assimilate like borg or we will die (metaphorically). The Broncos are known for their blue field turf, but the fanbase has made a bit of a name for themselves of late by strictly adhering to dress code. It makes us feel part of a unit and like we go to a private Catholic high school rather than a public university. No real wild cards this season—a lot of blue and orange (break out those hunting vests come November), but the timing of some of the schemes is giving fashionistas pause. Without further ado, here is the scheme for you to print out and put on the back of your closet door.


The Broncos will start out with the tri-color alternating section look (except in the student section, but they'll be gone by half-time anyway). Let me just warn the white shirt sections careful with the mustard at your tailgate. Utah State is next with the classic blue and orange striped look and the students will be in pink for reasons not yet clear to me. An orange out will mark the Colorado State game followed by the controversial blue out on October 20th when BYU comes to town. The controversy, of course, being that blue is one of BYU's primary uniform colors but I think the plan is genius. Those BYU fans that choose to wear their azure Cougar gear will actually look like they are supporting the home team and those Treasure Valley BYU alums will look like they're supporting the team they do for the other 11 weekends of the year. San José will enter the ominous black void on November 4th—a date you'd assume would also feature the Broncos in their grim reaper garb and then the home slate concludes with a seizure-inducing free-for-all against UNLV.

Some call this a ploy to sell more Bronco merchandise, but that's silly...that's exactly what it is. But who are we to argue? You know you need more Bronco gear like you need oxygen, so get down to the Blue and Orange store and stock up. It's going to be a colorful season.