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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Armand Nance does a good; Boise State commit injured

NCAA Football: Boise State at Utah State Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

I'm reading the history of glue.

I just can't seem to put it down.

Boise State football commit John Bates has a disappointing end to track and field season

He suffered a hamstring injury during the long jump. The whole "felt a pop" thing is not the best. But with the season done hopefully Mr. Bates will be able to recover to get ready for football in the fall.

Boise State also has basketball camps going on

This time it's Coach Leon Rice and crew that are putting on camps for the kids. $90 per camp seems pretty reasonable if you are interested in getting your kid more invested in the sport. Curious if they are willing to take 30-something unathletic guys. Probably not.

Former Bronco Armand Nance coming up big for his arena football team

Pretty awesome he was able to make such a big play happen.

And it helped his team take the lead. Great play by Mr. Nance!


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