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Boise State Game Balls Week of April 24th

Photo by Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images

Quite a few seasons are coming to an end for the Broncos. Only a few more of these left to go.

Let's get after it.

Game Ball One:

Logan France (golf)

Mr. France was able to nab a top ten finish at the Mountain West Conference championships last Sunday. The course was in in hometown Tuscan, Arizona at the Catalina Course at Omni Tuscan National. He led the Broncos (who finished ninth as a team) over the course with 71-67-74, 212 at four under par to end up tied for eighth. Congratulations to Mr. France and have a Game Ball!!!

Game Ball Two:

Hanna Kantenwein (tennis)

The Mountain West Conference women's championships did not really treat the Broncos very well. They lost all singles matches and only one a double. And one half of that doubles team? Well, you guessed it. Ms. Kantenwein's partner (Milena Toseva) did not play in the singles. The duo played in the no. 1 slot in doubles and beat their San Jose State Spartan foes 6-1. Kantenwein is but a freshman, so keep an eye out for her future accomplishments in the orange and blue.

Game Ball Three:

Kyle Butters (tennis)

Mr. Butters had himself a decent Friday and Saturday at the MWC tennis championships. He won both of his singles matches in the no. 4 slot and only dropped one doubles match to San Diego State. The Mountain West freshman of the year continues his momentum forward and sets up the Broncos for future success.

Your turn

Like I said. A lot of stuff winding down now that the end of the school year is nigh. Anyone else stick out? Let me know.