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Conference shake-ups: for the birds

Balled up.

It seems that the realignment of conferences has become a bi-annual friff-a-fraff in the world of college foot-ball. Sports typewriters start tapping away each off-season and talking heads beat their gums endlessly about which teams deserve to go from ragamuffin to the Ritz. The latest sporting league with such designs appears to be the "Big 12", which I must say has sorely overestimated their numbers. At any rate, your Boise State Broncos are getting some play as potential gate-crashers, so what would these intrepid youths bring to such a venerated conference? I'll tell you, that's what.


As a whippersnapper we might have even called it street smarts, but the Broncos are in no short supply of gridiron capers. The mis-direction, the razzle-dazzle...even a certain 23 skidoo if you will. The Broncos give their opponents what-for and then shake them down for next month's rent.


Name for me if you will one institution with snazzier duds than our Broncos. I can name just one and it is the United States Marines descending on Belleau Wood. Not even the cat's pajamas fit in a more pleasing and awe-inspiring way as do the blues and oranges of the Bronco football-men. The Broncos would doll up any joint they barge in-to.


You'd have to be a real Dumb Dora to not know about Boise State's niftiest innovation...their blue field. No, you aren't in Kentucky, Mr. Boone...our grass (actually strands of phenol and vulcanized rubber) is also blue. Way out!


My mind simply would not relinquish another "s" word (at least that can be uttered around the fairer sex or youngsters) so I felt it necessary to include the Bronco Big Cheese himself Bryan "Old Dutch" Harsin. His Dutch ancestry is in some question, but this is one of only two nicknames coaches are allowed to have at present (the other is "Jangles"). Coach Harsin has a game plan and he sticks to it like a Bluenose to a Bible. Two bowl trophies in two years at the helm is a 100% trophy acquisition record, and that's "on the level". I have it on good authority that Old Dutch is devising new wrinkles to make the stalwart lads even more genuine an article.