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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Smart Broncos; Multi-sport athletes; track athlete news!

Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Two satellites decided to get married.

The wedding wasn't much, but the reception was incredible.

More smart Broncos being smart

Brittany Aoyama, Sam Wicks of the women's swimming & diving team, and Genevieve Ling of the golf team were selected to an academic all-district team.

Former Boise State athletic director Mark Coyle leaves Syracuse

Which is kind of weird since he left before he even stayed there a year. He got to hire the Syracuse football coach and the men's basketball coach. Two important positions that, generally speaking, an AD wants to have a hand in. So those two positions will probably be watched if they do not have success. The new AD will want to have his, or her, person there. But kudos to Coyle for leaving for a more lucrative position. Just... interesting.


I am being hyperbolic since that is all that will capture everyone's attention over the summer. Until the Big 12 actually expands, there will be no other conversations (college-wise anyway) until football season starts again in earnest. Who knows who they will invite to the Big 12. I am not getting my hopes up since, apparently, they have been hearing from quite a few schools:

Boren also said he has heard from roughly 25 schools about joining the Big 12.

One must HAVE to think that Boise State is at least trying to do their best. Both lobbying and bulking up the academics. They must be doing what BYU is doing, everything "off the record".

This does not mean that BYU isn't trying their darndest to get into the league. I have no doubt they are. But keeping it on the d-low. Which is impressive that they are able to keep that many people to clam up, at least in writing, about the possible move.

So, take heart, Boise State fan. Either the Broncos administration is being really hush-hush about it.

Or they are just meh.

Let us hope for the former.

Be a multi-sport athlete to bolster your swimming!

This is an article that interviews several Boise State swimmers. There has been a recent push to stop kids from dedicating themselves to just one sport early on. And this is just another one of those installments. Good to know for any future Broncos!

Read up on future Bronco track star Ty Jordan

He hails from Alaska where, if history is our guide, will only translate to one of the best runners Boise State has ever seen. Man. This track & field squad is going to crush it the next few years.

Just how good is this Jordan kid?

His CHS coach Melissa DeVaughn Hall said Jordan won every one of his cross country meets this year including regions and state. For the current track year, he is undefeated in the 1600 and 3200 distances.

Just a smidge better than average I would say.

Former Bronco at the 2016 Paralympic games

Mr. Roderick Townsend is a medal favorite going into the games. He competed quite well for the Broncos despite his disability. Good luck to Mr. Townsend.


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