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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin pay tops in state

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San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl - Boise State v Northern Illinois Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I bought shoes from a drug dealer once.

I am not sure what he laced them with, but I was tripping all day.

Top six NFL defensive rookies of the year candidates

No, former Boise State standout Kamalei Correa is NOT among the potential candidates on this list. But he should be.

Transparent Idaho releases info on top paid state of Idaho employees

Obvious information is obvious as Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin is no. 1 with a shade over $1 million in salary. Next is the Boise State head basketball coach Leon Rice at $650,000. Then Dr. Robert Kustra. Seven of the top ten are Boise State-affiliated folks. The other three are Idaho State president Arther Vailas, University of Idaho president Chuck Staben, and Robert Maynard the Chief Investment Officer of PERSI (Public Employees Retirement System of Idaho).

Which college or pro teams would be the American Leicester City?

You may have heard of the English soccer team with seemingly insurmountable odds (5,000-1) that won the English Premier League title. And for CFB (and men's CBB) it would be Boston College. Yes. Both of Boston College's teams would be the longest odds for winning a respective title.

Boise State has 100-1 odds to win the national title in college football. That is the same as Arizona State, Nebraska, Texas, and Wisconsin. The Broncos have better odds than BYU (300-1), NC State (500-1), and Missouri (1000-1).

That should translate to good things for next year, right?!


Ever felt like pretending you're a really cool hacker in some computer-centric movie like Hackers or Superman 3? Now is your chance.