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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State and a fabricated Pac-16?; Matt Paradis article

Super Bowl 50 - Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I tried to catch the fog the other day.


A look at Boise State in a Pac-16

It certainly is fun to speculate on this stuff. And to put these things together. But, alas, these are all but mere pipe dreams. The next rumor is that Colorado State could get a Big 12 nod. I would probably stay off of Twitter if that happened.

Awesome article on Matt Paradis

For being a guy who only started one season, but quite the significant one, he is now the "veteran" amongst a bunch of new guys. It is awesome to see a Boise State alum getting so much attention and being rewarded thusly. Here's to big things for the Denver center.

Geordan Martinez makes all-academic list

He is one of eight Pac-12 wrestlers to make this list. The kid is having himself a year as he is coming off a second=straight Pac-12 championship. Being a sophomore this year, he still has two more years of dominating the mat. Here's to hoping he can do it.

Watch this baseball gif

While I am not a particularly big fan of baseball (if Boise State ever gets one again, that would probably be the only time I care about baseball) but this is a pretty great gif. I couldn't stop laughing.


Pickle Donkey Knife.