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Boise State Recruiting: The 2017 class UPDATE

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We've gone through the initial kids on the board, but now we need to check in!

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So many much things have happened in the last few weeks. 3 former Broncos were drafted in the top 100 and 3 more received free agent deals with various teams. Check out the coverage on our home page. I'd like it all here, but there is a lot of it and I'm a terrible person. BUT, with those players moving on to the next level, we will have some shoes to fill. While we had a solid class last year that will fill plenty of the voids, we still need to make sure we have talent on stand-by.

I did a fairly basic, but robust coverage of initial names floating in the ether that were tied to BSU in one way or anything. Our friends over at, a Rivals site, recently posted an update article on the 2017 recruiting class. Mike (@RivalsMikeW if you're on the Twitters) always comes through with some hot info at just the right times. Please reference the original article as it's chock full of awesome info. What I'm going to do here is touch on any of the players that I may not have touched on in my previous articles and provide tape and any high school stats I can find. Let's get to it!

RB Drake Beasley Jr, Los Angeles, CA (Loyola) 5'11" 185lbs

Drake is listed by Rivals as a 4-star recruit, and along with that rating, he has offers from UCLA, Purdue and Colorado to go along with his Bronco offer. He had a solid junior campaign with 248 carries for 1,647 yards and 17 TDs. A couple things I noticed from his tape is he is fast. Not blow-you-away fast, but fast enough to go the distance in the open field. He gets downhill quick, reading his downfield blocks well and exhibiting great vision. He doesn't shy away from contact either.

WR, Bronson Boyd, Arlington, TX (Oak Ridge) 6'3" 183lbs

Bronson is a fairly recent offeree. He has a solid list of suitors, including Wisconsin, Utah, Texas Tech, Arizona and Houston to name a few. Bronson had 61 receptions for 1,137 yards and 8 TDs. VERY good production for a junior receiver out of Texas. What stood out in his tape the most was how fast he was off the line. He reaches top speed very quickly, and his sub-4.5s 40 ensures no one catches him. He's a big body with a large catch radius, which seems to be what the coaches have been looking for the last couple of seasons.

T, Alec Kuzmack, Eagle, ID (Eagle) 6'5" 285lbs

There isn't much info out there about Alec. Heck, Rivals doesn't have him listed. But he's local, so of course I like him! Boise State's goals is always to bring the top talent in the state to the Blue. So far, it's done a pretty good job of that. Alec blows up pretty much all of the D-lineman that go up against him. No reason he can't continue the stellar OL play that BSU has had historically.

DE, Deonte Johnson, Sacramento, CA (Burbank) 6'5" 240lbs

I can tell you right now that the likelihood of Deonte coming to BSU is not very high. Name a school and he has an offer there. Initial glance at his stats aren't insane: 87 total tackles, 51 solo. Very solid stats, but not out of the ordinary. What stood out, though, was sacks and TFL. 14.5 sacks and 32 TFL. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Now THAT is absurd. After watching his tape, it is absolutely apparent as to why he has an offer from every school in the NCAA. Incredibly disruptive, high motor, and extremely athletic.

LB, Levani Damuni, Hyrum, UT (Mountain Crest) 6'2" 225lbs

Levani has a solid offer list, including BYU, Utah, Vanderbilt, Oregon State and Colorado. He even has a Yale offer, and while they aren't a football powerhouse, he's a smart kid if he's getting offers from there. I know, obviously association is obvious. Last year he had 52 total tackles, 20 solo, 1 TFL and 3 sacks. Solid stats, but nothing crazy. He has great patience and doesn't over commit, letting a play develop and unfold in front of him and attacking at the right time.

LB, Nate Landman, Danville, CA (Monte Vista) 6'3" 212lbs

Nate has a solid list of offers, most notably from Arizona. The rest of his offers are from other Mountain West schools. His season stats from his junior year are incomplete, but he is credited with 9 TFL and 6 sacks. I'd take that. Nate is pretty quick for a guy his size. He gets into the backfield in the blink of an eye, and the QB has nowhere to go. He has bring the pain as well.

ATH, Elijah Hicks, La Mirada, CA (La Mirada) 6' 185lbs

Elijah is listed as an ATH, but would probably play CB at the next level. He's got a great offer list, including Arizona, ASU, Cal, Oregon, UCLA and South Carolina. He has 45 total tackles, 24 solo and 2 INTs. He certainly fits the mold of recent CB recruits, that is, a bit bigger bodied a la Tyler Horton. He is a play maker on defense, offense, and special teams. A great player to have on the field wherever you can get him in.

CB, Je’Quari Godfrey, Oakland, CA (Bishop O'Dowd) 6'2" 175lbs

Je'Quari has interest from the majority of the Mountain West as well as Cal. I don't think he season stats are complete on MaxPreps as it stats he has 20 tackles total. He could very well have had that, but it just seemed a bit low. Or, after watching his tape, it could be that he just intercepted everyone instead of tackling them. Many much interceptions in his highlights. He always seems to be in on the play if the ball is in the air.

Well that will wrap it up for the time being. I'll try and stay on top of the updates as they happen. Again, many more names assuredly out there. Thanks again to the guys at Rivals, specifically Mike, for all their hard work on the recruiting trail and for providing us with some awesome info. GO BRONCOS!