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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State's spring game and a day full of events!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I used to hate facial hair.

But then it grew on me.

Boise State really wants you to go to the spring game

And you should go. It will be really fun to see some sort of semblance of football until the fall. BOLD PREDICTION: the defense is going to win despite the best efforts of the offense. PRO TIP: this is ok to happen this way.

Seriously, Boise State wants you to spend the day at their event

They moved the softball game versus UNLV at Dona Larsen park to 2 p.m. so you can make the spring game afterwards. And the softball game is free! So that should be fun!

Moneyball in college football

This one is a super-long article that is comprised mostly of e-mails and a podcast. My suggestion for the article? Control-F "Boise".

Though there is a fun paragraph about Boise State just muscling the other Mountain West Conference foes and another on the "rivalry" with Idaho.

ESPN Article: the spring's biggest breakout player for each top 25 team

I am not going to spoil who the representative for Boise State is. But I will give a hint: Are those glasses on your face? Yeah, glasses.

Boise State softball commit does good at the pitching

The softball team has a propensity to drop games late so having some quality pitching in Tori Bivens will be nice.

Want to catch the names of some future Boise State athletes?

This is a western Washington list of athletes that will be matriculating to Boise State this fall.

UCONN women win their fourth straight championship

What an incredible run. At this point they might as well just play against each other if they want to have a competitive game.


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