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Boise State's David Elliott honored by the Mountain West Conference

It's as if David Elliott is kind of good at this.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

David "The Diesel" Elliott, runner of some repute, has been honored by the MWC as the outdoor track & field athlete of the week.

It is almost as if the Mountain West Conference reads OBNUG for ideas or, at least, some really good suggestions.

Mr. Elliott has been burning up the pavement/grass/asphalt/whatever in his quest to leave a considerable footprint on the Boise State record books. The man has been on a mission so far racking up six school records all by his lonesome. Not only did he break the four minute mile mark earlier this year at the Husky Classic in Seattle, he also snagged a school record in the 5,000 meters this past weekend at the Stanford (NERDS!) Invitational. That impressive time was beaten only by three professional runners and some other dude of little consequence (just kidding, of course, Thomas Awad is at least of medium consequence with hair like that).

The Diesel will most likely have a good enough time to ensure he makes it back to the NCAAs where he will get another All-America honor to add to his indoor accolades.

Congratulations to Mr. Elliott on this, but one of many, honor.