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Boise State Recruiting: The 2017 class

DBU: The next class

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We are beginning to wind down on the initial lists of 2017 players. I'm not sure yet if I will do a recap of all of them or just try and do weekly updates. As we get closer to the beginning of the season and into it, things will get clearer. For now, let's keep at the list. In case you missed last week, we did a quick overview of the LB out there right now. Solid group.

This week, we are going to take a look at the current DBs, including safeties, nickels (if any) and corners. Let's get to it!


DB Chris Lewis, Canoga Park, California (Canoga Park) 6'2" 190lbs

Chris has some solid film. It looks like he played mostly at CB, which is interesting for how tall he is. Obviously there isn't a specific height required to play CB, but I'm just used to seeing players 6' and under there and 6' and over are at safety. He is quick, can hit like a truck, and is dangerous in the return game. I like what I see.

DB Reggie Whitfield, Corona, California (Centennial) 5'11" 158lbs

Reggie's film is fun to watch. He can make some plays, that is for sure. He could stand to gain some weight, but that generally isn't a huge concern once they get on campus. That is, of course, unless your name is Donte Deayon, but we all know how he turned out, right? Whitfield had 6 INTs last year to go along with 50 total tackles. Solid numbers playing for one of the best high schools in the nation.

DB Jaylon Redd, Rancho Cucamonga, California (Rancho Cucamonga) 5'9" 180lbs

Redd is all over the place. He finished with 1,430 AP yards, 15 TDs, 63 Tackles and 2 INTs. He's a dangerous player if he isn't on your team. He had some fun on April Fool's Day on Twitter as well, throwing out the potential to follow his buddy Jabari Watson to BSU. He has some big time offers, including Michgan, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Oregon. He's listed as an ATH by Rivals, but was most likely originally listed as a DB since that is where I had him on my original list. He could end up anywhere really.

DB Deommodore Lenoir, Los Angeles, California (Salesian) 5'11" 180lbs

Another play-maker. His stride is long, so it makes him look slower than he actually is. Opposing players quickly find out that it's not so easy to run down a sub 4.5s player. He finished with 917 total offensive yards, 48 tackles and 1 INT his junior year. Much like Redd, he will have his pick of just about anywhere he could want to go.

DB Jermani Brown, Midlothian, VA (Midlothian) 5'11" 175lbs

Brown is an ASU commit currently, but I left him on the list because I can and why not? It's early in the recruiting season still so a lot can happen. Brown is out of Virgina, a state we rarely, if ever, tap. His tape is why. solid play all around. He keeps his head on a swivel. He's incredibly observant of what is going on on the field. Aside from ASU, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Virginia Tech and Virginia are just a few of the other schools who have offered.

DB Adam Beck, Richmond, TX (George Ranch) 6'2" 184lbs

Beck has great vision and is a sure tackler. He never seemed to over commit and made tackles at will. He made some great plays on contested balls as well. He, too, has an admirable list of suitors, including SMU, Texas Tech and Baylor.

DB Darren Hall, Rancho Cucamonga, CA ( Rancho Cucamonga) 6'1" 160lbs

I really like Darren's tape. He can read plays very well and is a quick closer. WR rarely have time to turn around before he hits and wraps them up. He finished with 48 total tackles and an INT. We could be in good shape for Hall as his most notable offer is from Utah with the rest coming from the MWC.

DB Rhedi Short, Los Angeles, CA (Cathedral) 6'1" 185lbs

Short had great stats, finishing with 74 tackles, 3 INTs and a sack. He is currently a UCLA commit with offers from Cal, Boston College and Arizona to name a few. His highlights are solid specifically in breaking up contested plays.

S Jason Rucker, Portland, OR (Westview) 6’1" 175lbs

Rucker's MaxPreps stats are off as it says he only played in 3 games, which he didn't. Regardless, he reminds me a lot of Jeremy Ioane. He hits and he hits hard. He goes full speed, but is a very sure tackler. While he does not have an offer yet, I have a hard time thinking he doesn't start seeing them soon.

S Josh Talbott, Long Beach, CA (Polytechnic) 6'0" 175lbs

Josh can also lay the wood, which is always fun to watch. He has a great list of offers, including Oklahoma, Oregon, UCLA and TAMU to name a few. He finished last season with 37 tackles and 1 TFL.

S Austin Kramer, Central Point, OR (Crater) 6'2" 170lbs

Austin is a very opportunistic defender. He finished with 7 INTs last season. He will make opposing offenses pay for their mistakes. He had 236 return yards on those 7 interceptions too. Currently, he has one offer which happens to be from Cornell. Hey, maybe we can get Reid Harrison-Ducros to have a chat with him...

CB Darian Fernandez, Santa Margarita, CA (Santa Margarita Catholic) 6'0" 165lbs

Darian is another great all-around player. While his stats aren't necessarily eye-popping, his film is great. He finished last season with 29 tackles and 3 INTs along with plenty of return plays. He does not currently have any offers, but like Rucker, I expect that to change.

CB Thomas Graham, Rancho Cucamonga, CA (Rancho Cucamonga) 6'0" 180lbs

Graham is a machine: 103 tackles, 2 TFL and an INT. That's a lot of tackles for a CB. No wonder he is already committed to USC. Now I witnessed at least 4 INTs on his highlight tape below, so either he is including some old highlights or MaxPreps done messed up. Either way, he's a solid athlete. He also had offers from Notre Dame, LSU and Oklahoma to name a few.

CB Darreon Moore, Kennewick, WA (Kamiakin) 5'11" 165lbs

Darreon comes from another lightly recruited state, yet BSU has been crossing the boarder more and more recently. I guess ever since those Moore brothers came down here it's been a thing. I'm pretty sure Darreon isn't related, but I could be wrong! He finished with 58 total tackles and an INT. He currently has an offer from EWU, but being a am all-conference DB, I think he'll see a few more.

CB Zaire Webb, Neptune Beach, FL (Duncan U. Fletcher) 5'10" 165lbs

Webb makes a couple of really nice open-field tackles in his highlights. Honestly, I'm more interested in a player that can do that than one that can separate the players helmet from him. don't get me wrong, I love to see tough physical play, but I would rather a player make a solid tackle knowing the player is down that just try and hit him, but that's me. He currently has offers from WSU and Tulane.

That was A LOT of players to go through. I know there are probably plenty of players out there that we don't know about that are in talks with the Broncos coaches. Hopefully things become more "official" and visible soon. Next week, we will wrap it up with specialists, which means there will only be a couple. I can tell you there will be at least one! Thanks for reading again and GO BRONCOS!