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Boise State Game Balls for Week of March 27th

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Ah Mondays. So manic. Know what is not manic? Game Balls!

Game Ball One:

Rebekah Cervantes (softball)

In the win that brought the Broncos to double-digit wins for the season (10-27, 2-7 MW) Cervantes had two hits, three runs, and five runners batted in. Cervantes has been a bright spot for the Broncos and for the series against the Rams, she did not disappoint. Congratulations Ms. Cervantes!

Game Ball Two:

David Elliott (track)

david elliott

Mr. Elliott has continued to do great things while wearing a Boise State uniform. At the Stanford invitational last Friday, he did nothing less. While running the 5,000 meters, he clocked in at 13:42.17 which broke a school record for the Broncos. It was good enough for fifth overall. Pretty good. Elliott continues to make a great run for the Broncos. Congratulations Mr. Elliott!

Game Ball Three:

Hanna Kantenwein (tennis)

Ms. Kantenwein has been performing admirably for the Broncos. With a singles, and doubles, win at Montana over the weekend, she is now 6-3 in singles. With the non-conference season over, the Broncos are going to focus on the Mountain West. Congratulations to Kantenwein!

Game Ball Four:

Shani Remme (gymnastics)


The Bronco gymnastics team saw their season end in the NCAA regionals ending the team competition third after Alabama and California. But Ms. Remme will represent the Broncos in nationals, individually, on the beam as she won the event with a 9.9. Apparently everyone needs to incorporate more Michael Jackson moves in their routines. Congratulations to Ms. Remme!

Game Ball Five:

Maddy O'Donnell / Hannah Hubbard (beach volleyball)

maddy o'donnell
hannah hubbard

The Broncos began the Broncos' season on a great, winning, stretch. And it was the number one pair of Ms. O'Donnell and Ms. Hubbard that started off the team on the right path. The beat the Portland Pilots' number one pair 21-13, 21-13 and then proceeded to beat the Oregon number one pair 21-17, 21-9. O'Donnell has been with the Broncos since the sport was brought to Boise State three years ago and that experience is shining through. Congratulations to the pair, as they keep up their run!