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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State track & field hit it this weekend; No Kamalei Correa in the first round

What did the grape do when he got stepped on?

He let out a little wine.

Broncos track & field in action this weekend

This is the last meet before the Mountain West Conference championships. Good luck to the Broncos as they finish out the regular season.

The NCAA rescinds the satellite camp ban

Good. Seeing as how Boise State use(d) the camps with apparent effectiveness, it is good to see that clearer heads prevailed on this issue.

This Baylor thing is getting really scary

It's quite insane what is going on at Baylor. Head Coach Art Briles has put together some exciting football. But what is the cost? Seems as though guys that can't seem to "be good" are ending up there. Not a good look.

Kamalei Correa did not get drafted in the first round

Which sucks. But can't be helped. Curious if both him and Darian Thompson will get picked up in the second round.


Apparently there is a thing called "Sturgeon Face". Ok. Sure.