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The NCAA rescinded the satellite camp ban and that is good news for Boise State

Where exposure is limited, any time you take away a kid's chance to be seen by a coach is a bad time. Though short-sighted adults made a hugely impactful, and bad, vote there was enough attention and outcry to help it get reversed.

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It was earlier this month that the NCAA Division I Council banned satellite camps. You may have heard about it.

Yesterday the NCAA Division I Board of Directors rescinded that ruling.

It seems as though the NCAA has a pretty decent track record of doing the wrong thing in the beginning of a controversy then, after a huge amount of public outcry, doing the right thing. Or, at least, the "not quite as bad" thing. We could probably go back and forth on whether or not this is necessarily a good way to conduct business.

The NCAA could stop being swayed by public opinion! Stand by their judgment and do what they feel is the actual right thing to do!

Or, perhaps, just stop making poor decisions in the first place.


The satellite camp ban is no different than many situations before it.

The big deal about these camps is the opportunity they afford for the under-recruited kid to get a chance to get noticed by another coach. Not everyone is going to go to Ohio State, Alabama, or Boise State. But they could go to, say, Eastern Michigan, or UMass.

The opportunity is what is at stake and the guys who vote for these things decided to take away opportunity and give coaches more vacation time. Who knows where Boise State will find the next Deandre Pierce.

Boise State utilizes these camps in order to make sure kids have the opportunity to be seen. And the staff has been able to get some guys that are looking to make an impact.

The fact that the Broncos will be in five different states at these camps should highlight the importance of the coaches sussing out who is "good" enough to play for the team.

Your turn

You should be happy that these guys have come to their senses and allow kids to be able to get as much exposure as possible. Do you support the camps? Or think there should be something else done in their stead?