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University of Idaho makes it official: to join Big Sky in 2018

There was a lot in the air for the Vandal football future. They have made the decision to join the Big Sky. And it is for the best.

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As was widely reported yesterday, and finally confirmed today, the University of Idaho football team will leave the FBS ranks in 2018 and start play in the Big Sky Conference.

The University of Idaho's official statement can be found here:

UI Moving Football to Big Sky Conference

MOSCOW, Idaho – April 28, 2016 – The University of Idaho announced today it will accept an invitation to play football in the Big Sky Conference beginning in fall 2018, pending approval by the State Board of Education.

"I understand the magnitude of this decision and the strong opinions that surround it, both for and against, but joining the Big Sky Conference is the best possible course for our athletics program and for our university," said Chuck Staben, UI president. "We have carefully weighed our options and concluded that competing as an independent with an extremely uncertain future conference affiliation would be irresponsible when we have the alternative of joining one of the most stable FCS conferences. The Big Sky allows us to renew traditional rivalries and offers our athletes the opportunity to excel, just as they do in our other Big Sky sports programs."

UI was notified by the Sun Belt in March that the conference would move forward with a 10-team league after the 2017 football season, not renewing the membership of UI and New Mexico State University. UI will play in the Sun Belt two more seasons, moving to the Big Sky for the fall 2018 season.

"I know many passionate Vandals view football’s place in the FBS as a mark of our institution’s ‘prestige’ and ‘relevance.’ But we consider prestige and relevance in an institution-wide context," Staben said. "UI is our state’s land-grant institution, the unquestioned statewide leader in higher education. Success on the football field will complement UI’s prestige and relevance, but we will be defined by our individual and societal impact, measured by the entire student body experience, including our student-athletes; our academic excellence; our research, scholarly and creative success; and our deep engagement with communities across the state. Providing the best student experience for all students, across all aspects of university life is our responsibility and privilege."

"We are extremely motivated to compete in the Sun Belt for the next two years and then align with like institutions that make geographic sense in the Big Sky Conference that will provide our student-athletes with a quality experience," said Athletic Director Rob Spear.

"We have two years to position our athletics department to best serve our students and provide the quality co-curricular benefits we expect from Vandal athletics," Staben said. "We will be successful in the Big Sky Conference and will build a vibrant football culture that is an excellent front porch for our university."

The University of Idaho played football in the Big Sky Conference from 1965-1995, winning nine conference championships. All UI sports left the Big Sky in 1996, with most other sports other than football returning in 2014. The Vandal football team has played in the Sun Belt since 2014, its second run in the conference since leaving the Big Sky.

A video recording of today’s press conference will be available for viewing on this site later today.

The press conference:

There is a bit of consternation from the Vandal fan base, but this is the best financial move that the university could have taken. As they explain, the landscape in college football right now is so volatile, it would be irresponsible to stay as an independent (even BYU is really pushing for inclusion in a conference, obviously preferably the Big 12).

This basically sums up what the university was handed:

While I certainly don't mind that particular situation for the school, they did not have much of a choice. The official statement from the university has a FAQ section that is quite straight forward and answers the queries succinctly. Logically, based on the information and knowledge the university has, they have chosen the best option for the school in the long term.

Your turn

Without turning this into much of a "ha ha" fest at the University of Idaho's expense (unless you REALLY want it to be), what are your thoughts? Should we be willing to play Idaho now that going to play in the quonset hut of a facility is most definitely a non-starter? Can you, begrudgingly, root for Idaho now? Or, if not root, at least tolerate them having some modicum of success? Let me know.