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Tepid takes: OBNUG's salute to Skip Bayless

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Yesterday, sports fans were hit with devastating news: Skip Bayless would not be returning to ESPN after his current contract is up. Then, to add insult to injury they were rocked by even worse news: Bayless would be joining Fox Sports rather than strapped into a rocket bound for the sun. Bayless was known for his hot takes—many of which were room temperature at best, and often hilariously inaccurate or shortsighted. Let me just pull a random take from emaciated Danny Bonaduce's archives:

Hot enough for ya?

To honor Skip Bayless' greatest legacy (other than helping get SMU the death penalty), OBNUG decided to pull a Buzzfeed and crowdsource some content by asking our followers to bring some Boise-State centric tepid Bayless takes. It ended up being equal parts humorous and sad. Observe.

Okay, those book-ends stung a little, but there was a "good miss" there in the middle! Oh, they are about to get worse/better.

Oops...not sure how that last one got in there.