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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: James Webb a second rounder?; ESPN's fastest players

Daily Dad Joke

Where do you learn to make ice cream?

Sunday School.

ESPN's Fastest players on top-25 teams

Another list! Pretty self-explanatory. Check to see who ESPN tabs as the Broncos' speediest player. You'll never guess who! (Unless, you know, you guessed pretty well. Then you would know your stuff.)

Men's basketball adds walk-on athlete

Walk-on athletes are people too! Derrick Alston is 6' 7" and dad played in the NBA. So he's got the genetics for it. Can't wait to see him on the blue--err--court. Unless he wants to play wide receiver? That wouldn't be too shabby.

James Webb III tabbed as a second rounder at NBC Sports

This is a good thing. More people who are on the Webb bandwagon will hopefully be able generate some buzz for the Boise State standout.

Tampa Bay and Doug Martin now officially official

I thought this happened a while ago, but it appears now all the paperwork is signed? Mr. Martin definitely deserved the money. Now to more accolades!

Could Boise State add another to the 2016 class?

Not sure how this is going to work out since Shurod Taylor signed with Oregon State. Not sure what restrictions, if any, the NCAA would impose on Mr. Taylor if he decided to turn his attentions towards Boise State. But I have no doubt they would do what they could to find room on the roster.

Could Boise State add another Ajayi to the roster?

This would be pretty welcome as well.


Mr.doob. I saw this and immediately was thrown back to dark days of Internet Explorer crashes.