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Boise State's schedule features 5 non-Saturday games

Sabado non-gigante

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The MWC released their slate of 2016 non-Saturday football tilts and guess what? Boise State was served a heaping helping of the non-ideal kickoff times, surprising no one but that one guy that wears his hat know the guy I'm talking about.

Boise State's non Sabado gigante games are as follows (for now):

Friday, Oct. 7 - @ New Mexico (7 p.m.; CBS Sports Network)

Thursday, Oct. 20BYU (8:15 p.m.; ESPN)

Friday, Nov. 4San Jose State (8:15 p.m.; ESPN2)

Friday, Nov. 18UNLV (7 or 7:30 p.m.; ESPN2)

Friday, Nov. 25 - @ Air Force (1:30 p.m. CBS Sports Network)

So, 3 opponents the Broncos lost to last season will square off on days the lord did not intend for college football, and just one of those meetings is at home. I don't know if there's any competitive edge gained or lost there...but it's interesting nonetheless. The BYU game is on a Thursday on ESPN proper and should draw a lot of eyes because who doesn't like Hail Marys and crotch punchings? All jokes aside, Thursday is probably the best case scenario for that game as the hometown crowd will not be split as much by HS football and their vitriol toward the Cougars should fill the stands nicely.

I know that people are a bit sick of the late start times, but that's what happens when you're chasing the almighty dollar, and Boise State will stand to make a fair amount of money off their exclusive home TV rights deal with ESPN and their national TV bonus package—$900k guaranteed, to be exact. Therein may lie the reason the Broncos may not push back on kickoff days and times probably ever. ESPN holds the keys...but the Broncos will make nearly $600k more than their closest conference peer (SDSU) just for kowtowing to their Bristol overlords.

Your turn

Will the non-Saturday or late kickoff times affect your attendance at Bronco games this year? Will the student section clear out before half-time anyway? Who shot JR?