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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: More NFL draft articles; Smart Broncos; Overpaid coaches

I knew I shouldn't have had that that seafood.

I'm feeling a little bit eel.

Kansas Star has Kamalei Correa as number seven outside linebacker

No surprises here.

This one has Correa at number 43 overall

Which is still pretty good considering. Hopefully he is able to build more on this hype.

Most overpaid CFB coaches

The current University of Washington head coach is here.

Watch the Broncos beach volleyball close out their season

It's just an exhibition so it won't count for any season statistics, but it's competition against some other Idaho schools. Admission is free and free parking on the fourth floor of the Lincoln Garage. I'll be there dragging my three kids as well so come say 'hi'!

Draft writeup on the available offensive guards

Odhiambo is on here at no. 5. If it were not for his injuries he would most definitely be higher on most boards. I can't even remember him finishing a season at Boise State though.

Speaking of smart Broncos

Check out Boise State's top ten scholars. These kids earned some shoutouts!


Prince passed away yesterday. Sucks. But one of the (many) cool things he did was play the Super Bowl. The article explains why the author thought it was the coolest Super Bowl performance. And he presents some good arguments. I remember liking Prince's performance but my personal favorite was Michael Jackson's.

To more inane things: a history of zero.