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Boise State tennis players receive Mountain West Conference recognition

Add a couple more to the mantle!

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

When Boise State athletes perform well, and get recognized for it, that is a good thing. So yesterday two tennis athletes were given the thumbs up from the Mountain West Conference.

Ms. Hanna Kantenwien and Mr. Thomas Tenreiro were given the "you did a pretty good thing" award from the conference in their efforts in last week's competitions. Interestingly enough the duo also got some pretty high praise from a prestigious, and humble, blog.

This is both athletes' first selection as the MWC player of the week for this year. For Mr. Tenreiro this is his third career distinction. Ms. Kantenwien is a freshman so this will probably be her first of many. Remarkably, for women's tennis, this is the first since 2013 that a Bronco has come away with a player of the week award.

Both will be in action this Saturday for each team's respective Senior Day. The men have two matches, first one starts at 10 a.m. versus Gonzaga, and the second starts at 6 p.m. against Idaho. The women will play against Utah State at 2 p.m.