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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Kamalei Correa a fit for the Bills?; Boise State public radio earns awards

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I have just been diagnosed with colorblindness.

It certainly has come out of the purple.

Kamalei Correa could be a good fit for the Buffalo Bills

Frankly, there are only one, or two, teams that I would not want any former Boise State football player to go. Bills are not one of them. HOWEVER, any team that is willing to pay a former Boise State athlete money to do said job, I am 100% supportive. I root for the player, not for the team.

Boise State Public Radio wins Edward R. Murrow Award

Effective reporting is always good for an informed public. And it is great to know that we have some quality-reporting that is recognized. The article lists some selections that received awards.

Emily DeMarco signs with Boise State track

I included her in a WUBN a few weeks ago and it's made official. She will be running with some of the best in the country and that is going to be pretty awesome. Apparently she also could have run track at Iona in New York, which is decidedly unlike Boise, Idaho. Welcome aboard Ms. DeMarco. I look forward to her inclusion in the weekly Game Balls.

Demarcus Lawrence busted for amphetamines


That is disappointing. However (like I had mentioned in MAD MACGYVER's fanshot) I prefer THAT kind of "troublemaking" over something violent.

Current University of Washington head coach promoting rugby tackling

Good for him for continuing the charge to be ahead of the curve in that regard and for teaching his players how to safely tackle. From the article, they talk about hitting helmet first, but head up, and that is exactly how I remember being taught to hit when I played* football. Hopefully this style of tackling catches on.

SB Nation NFL mock draft

They have Darian Thompson and Correa both going in the second round. You'll never guess which one gets off the board first.

Attempting to become a late-round draft pick

Interesting article in general but it prominently features former Boise State football player Lee Hightower. While he did have his issues here, he was productive. I wish him well on his new venture.


Chicken on a raft.

*Thought I forgot about my asterisk, huh? Anyway, I more "participated" at football more than played. Ah memories.