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Boise State Game Balls for week of April 10th

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

You what time it is! Game Balls time!

Game Ball One:

Kaitlyn Oliver/Maddi Osburn

kaitlyn oliver
Maddi Osburn

Last week was a busy one for the Broncos as the team was in California and Hawaii for a pretty long stretch. The duo went 4-2 in that span in the number three slot. Notching wins over Arizona State, California, Sacramento State, and Pacific. Team is now 5-6 overall with the regular season done. Up next is the All Idaho exhibition tournament this Saturday. Congratulations, Oliver and Osburn, on your Game Balls!

Game Ball Two:

Shani Remme (gymnastics)


Ms. Remme was the only representative for the Broncos at the second semifinals of the NcAA tournament. There she scored a 9.8 on the beam—the highest for a freshman at nationals, and the third highest score including all classes. Ms. Remme will be one to watch going into next year. Congratulations on the Game Bal!

Game Ball Three:

Hanna Kantenwein (tennis)

Being able to come from behind to win a match is pretty awesome. That come from behind win sealing an overall team win? Epic. That's exactly what Ms. Kantenwein did against Wyoming in her match against Magdalena Stencel. The match took three sets just to finish, and Kantenwein was up against four match points. Despite the hole, Kantenwein was able to secure a much needed Bronco win. Congratulations Ms. Kantenwein!

Game Ball Four:

Thomas Tenreiro (tennis)

thomas tenreiro

Mr. Tenreiro was able to come back from being down 5-1 in the first set and beat San Diego State's Hendrik Jebens. That, coupled with his doubles win, helped lead the Broncos over the Aztecs 4-1. Congratulations Mr. Tenreiro on the Game Ball!

Your Turn

The sports year is winding down with most of the conference championships on the horizon. Anything going to be catching your eye? Let me know!