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Boise State Recruiting: A Mountain West Comparison

We all love our Broncos and know they kill it in the recruiting game. How do they stack up against the rest of the Mountain West?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I have to say this has been an interesting series for me to write. As a fan, I have a decent knowledge of players on competitors teams, but only after I see them play against us. Having to research and find out about opponents players before they even step on the field has been pretty eye opening for me. Boise State does a great job of recruiting players and that has translated pretty well to the field. Our opponents, like Air Force last week, do a great job as well, but it doesn't always translate to the field.

Air Force has seen recent success, with multiple season of going bowling. New Mexico even more recent found success, coming from the depths of the Mountain division in previous season to beating the Broncos on the Blue. I know what I said. #Sorrynotsorry. It is what it is. The past is the past and honestly, what Davie has done to turn that program around has been remarkable, especially so quickly. How did they do in the recruiting game last season? Let's check out their top three based on me arbitrarily picking them!

Teton Saltes, DE, Albuquerque, NM (Valley) 6'6" 235lbs

Teton has impressive film. New Mexico has never been known as a hot bed for recruiting, but Bob Davie seems to have nabbed himself a good one. His stats on MaxPreps are incomplete, so I don't have solid figures, but if you watch his film you can see he is gifted. He's sloppy, that is, his technique could use some finessing, but he physically overpowers the majority of the OL he goes against. It's fun to watch, but makes me shudder a little knowing we will have to play him.

Nahje Flowers, OG, Los Angeles, CA (Dorsey) 6'3" 275lbs

Flowers has a lot of film at DE, and he played both DE and OL in HS. Rivals has him listed at 230, but I imagine his Scout weight (275) is more fitting. I would presume he goes guard at the next level, but who knows. He moves well for his size, but he is raw, much like Teton. But again, I think Davie is doing a great job of finding under recruited talent.

Kameron Smith, OL, Tacoma, WA (Lincoln) 6'8" 300lbs

Kameron is a behemoth. Like Andre the Giant style. His hudl lists his weight at 310. HE IS A 17 YEAR OLD HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR. Are you kidding me? How does a kid become 6'8" and 310lbs by 17? I digress. Kameron is huge, but he is slow. Not that an OL needs to be fast, but he doesn't seem overly nimble, which would benefit a guy his size SINCE he is probably slow. That being said, he can open up lanes for sure. At that size, there is little getting in your way. People and things mostly get out of your way when you're that big. Seems like a solid get for the Lobos.

Hopefully you are all enjoying this series as much as I am. We still have the remainder of the Mountain division to get through as well as the rest of the West (snicker). I'm not yet sure who we will investigate next week. You'll just have to tune in to find out! GO BRONCOS!