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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: ESPN most versatile players in top 25

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

What do prisoners use to call each other?

Cell phones.

ESPN: Most versatile player from top 25

It is going to be a pretty long summer, folks, until we hit the countdown. Buckle up and take in football-related lists while we still can.

Utah State football player arrested

That is no good. Much rather deal with, or have, pretty benign transfer headlines than this one.

Hawaii football player arrested

Another ugly one where domestic violence was involved. Added twist? Dude scuffled with police. And was naked. That probably added to the situation.

The Fulmer Cup is going to need to be updated

What with the incidents above, the Mountain West is about to get some solid contributions. Just, hopefully, Boise State stays off this list.

Kirby's Law in Georgia

This is a troubling one. In a nutshell: it gives athletic departments the ability to delay open records requests. This is not a good thing for the public at large. With a couple of UGA athletes recently getting arrested, it is more difficult for journalists to uncover what, exactly, happened. Certainly hope nothing this happens in Idaho.

Chicago Bears blog has Darian Thompson as #1 safety

Because obviously.


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