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Boise State softball pitcher gets Mountain West Conference Honor

Harry How/Getty Images

It always feels good to get some of these things right. And boy howdy did I ever!

Yesterday for our weekly Game Balls Nicole Wilson, strike thrower enthusiast, made the weekly honor. And to follow our prestigious lead, the Mountain West Conference decided to tag along and make it super-official and also name her the MWC softball pitcher of the week.

This is the first honor for Ms. Wilson (so far) and bodes well for the Broncos (12-28; 4-8 MWC) as she was able to pitch complete games over the weekend versus UNLV.

With the wins, Ms. Wilson is now 6-6 on the season with a 4.85 ERA. Ms. Wilson leads the Broncos in appearances with 25 games, and starting nine. She also leads the Broncos in overall innings pitched (79 vs the next closest pitcher with 49).

Next up for the Broncos is a three game series down in Logan, Utah versus the Aggies (19-15; 5-4 MWC).