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Boise State Recruiting: The 2017 class

A new season of recruiting is upon us! Let there be joy and much frivolity across the Blue Turf™!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is the last installment of the initial 2017 recruiting class overview. Now, we are FAR from done discussing this class, but with so much time left until signing day, we now sit and wait. There will be commitments over the summer for some students, some right before senior season starts, and many sporadically throughout the fall. I just wanted this series to be a quick overview of who was out there. We will revisit as new players pop up (they already are) and as some come off the board.

Last week we had a HUGE list of defensive backs, inclusive of all safeties and corners. This week, the list is MUCH smaller as we are just looking at the kickers. If I would have been thinking, I would have included them (him) on a separate list. Oh well. Let's learn a little about Joey!


K Joey Klucewich, Eagle, ID (Eagle) 6'0 190lbs

Joey has a solid leg. He's a physical kid as well. He likes to get into the mix on kick returns and he isn't afraid to hit a runner. I'm also not the best evaluator of kickers, but I like what I see from Joey. I do know he has been hearing from Oregon in addition to Boise State. While we did sign Velazquez, that doesn't mean the coaches won't take another kicker in this class. Generally kickers aren't offered scholarships, and while that may be the case for Joey, he'd be a solid competitor.

That does it for the 2017 class for the time being. I'll periodically write articles on updates and, as we get commits, we'll keep you guys updated. GO BRONCOS!