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Wall Street Journal has Boise State valuation seventh in the Mountain West Conference

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

In the quest for relevance in the college basketball landscape, how much money is thrown around can be a big deal for a program. And in the case for Boise State, the Wall Street Journal has their valuation around $17.3 million dollars.


Which is an ever so slight increase over the 2014 year.

UNLV being the highest is both unsurprising and hilarious given their results this year. Perhaps throwing all kinds of money to new coach Chris Beard will help.

San Diego State losing almost a third of their valuation is quite alarming. While obviously not the biggest drop (reserved for San Jose State) the Aztecs seem to have their value in proportion to their normal winning ways.

Some other notables: Saint Louis is at 96 with $18.6 million; Gonzaga at 42 with $48.6; Idaho clocks in at $6.9; Dayton 24 at $80.6; Washington State at 85 with only $24.1 million; and BYU at 74 with $28.6.