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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Doug Martin going to get paid; New football recruiting hashtag

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

On to Wednesday!

On to the links!

Read up on a couple of the NCAAs rule changes for the next season

Specifically targeting. Officials up in the booth will now be able to help call targeting when they are missed on the field. And now coaches will be able to use technology in some more areas for coaching purposes, though not on the sideline.

Boise State football has come up with the new Twitter hashtag for next year's recruiting

"Bui1l7 Blue"

Coming up with the marketing and catchphrases that will stick is pretty difficult. But like #B16Blue before it, it will be used to help garner attention for the program.

Like volleyball? Watch a free Boise State tournament

March 12th and starting at 9 a.m. Should be pretty fun and give you a chance to see a team coming off a 23-7 season and came this close to getting into the volleyball NCAA tournament. Local schools will be present: College of Idaho, College of Southern Idaho, and Northwest Nazarene. It is a round robin-type tournament with two matches going on at the same time. You should go and root loud!

Boise State women's basketball falls to UNLV

This one was a heart breaker as the women were able to battle back from 16 points down to get within four. Unfortunately UNLV was able to hold off the Broncos and eventually win. UNLV just could not miss a shot. Good season for the Broncos overall, just a bummer that they were not able to win the conference tournament again.

Boise State Quidditch team makes nationals

They've won the Northwest Regional Championships and qualified to go to South Carolina. And now they need help getting there. If you look in the embedded Tweet below, there is a link to their fundraising page. There are some pretty interesting perks. You get a button for $5. I really dig their house crest.

abraxans button

For $100 you get an Abraxans Jersey. That is pretty slick. I must say whoever has been designing the Boise State club team apparel is pretty good at what they do.

Help a Bronco team out?

Boise State in Sports Illustrated's top 100 moments

Because of course. And I don't even have to tell you what that moment was.

(It was me graduating from Boise State. Just an FYI.)

Doug Martin was almost a Raider!!!


thumbs up

Until he wasn't.

sad walk

On the bright side Martin is a coveted prospect this year. And he's going to continue to be Boise State's best example of a skill player succeeding in the pros. Just wish it was with the Raiders.


Llama! Llama font!!!!