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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: First day of spring football practices

Jay Tust / KTVB

Tuesday. The second day of the football spring practices. Let's get to it!

Monday was the first day of football spring practices

And there was much rejoicing.

Since yesterday was the first day of spring practice, WUBN is going to be a lot about that. I knew you wouldn't mind.

Because your intrepid OBNUG bloggers aren't able to attend the spring practices with most of the other media, we'll have to live vicariously through the local media. Below Will Hall of KTVB is treating us to much needed film!

We'll end on a defensive clip for good measure.

Some video, and story, from The Idaho Statesman's Dave Southorn:

Michael Katz of the Times-News was also in on the fun. Click the link for more videos and interviews!

And it wouldn't be Boise State football coverage without Mr. Boom himself, Jay Tust.

Oh football. Even if you are just in your spring infancy, you are dearly missed.

Want to know more about the rules of spring practices?

Sure you do.

Doug Martin a possible free agent bust?!

Well I know whose writing I will be boycotting here on out. Really though. Since running backs take so much of a pounding for so many years, their shelf-life just isn't as long as other positions. Martin rounding 27 is somewhat of a concern, but the two years he wasn't as productive he was injured. Anyway, he is going to get paid and he will be worth it.

Is this good?

I get the feeling this is good.

New Year's Eve games starting earlier

The guys that brought us the BCS are super excited about making the playoffs irrelevant as far as viewership goes. I suppose I should stop caring since I know that Boise State isn't going. So whatever, powers-that-be, continue putting your product up against events that are going to pull away the average viewer.


THIS is what the internet was made for: The Infinite Cat Project.