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Boise State Recruiting: The 2017 class

A new season of recruiting is upon us! Let there be joy and much frivolity across the Blue Turf™!

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Welcome back Bronco fans to another edition of Boise State Recruiting: the 2017 class. By now, you realize that there is really nothing but speculation at this point. It's really too early in the game to get a solid idea of where a kid will go. Yes, plenty of kids have begun committing to their favorite schools, but mostly just Ohio State, who has like 13 in the '17 class.

Last week, we touched base on one of the favorite positions of Broncos fans, the running back. This week, we'll take a look at the small, but solid class of players at tight end. Let's get right to it.


TE Tyler Eiguren, Fruitland, Idaho (Fruitland) 6'4" 239lbs

Eiguren has a solid frame and can move well for his size. at 6'4 and 239lbs, he would be on the bigger end of the tight ends we have on the roster. I lines up behind center even, and while though I would expect him to do that at the next level, it's proof of his athleticism. At this point, the scuttlebutt is that Eiguren will be a consensus 4* by the end of his senior year, most likely before. He is listed as the number 1 TE in the state as well. And, coming out of the Fruitland pipeline, I'd like the think we are in good shape to earn Eiguren's services.

TE Patrick Brown, San Diego, California (Cathedral Catholic) 6'5" 230lbs

Brown was a formidable target in the passing game for the Dons last season. Yes, the same Dons that our own Tyson Maeva played for. And at 6'5 and 230lbs, he isn't easy to bring down. Not only can he catch passes, he has done plenty of blocking. Exactly what we like to see at this position.

TE Drew Platt, Los Alamitos, California (Los Alamitos) 6'4" 235lbs

Most of Drew's highlights seem to be at DE. That's a pretty standard defensive position for TE in high school. As far as his offensive highlights go, he is a solid kid. He won't outrun anyone, but he is a bear to bring down and he can go up for the ball. Solid highlights.

TE Ben Moos, Pullman, WA (Pullman) 6'3" 240lbs

A 4.8 40 is quite respectable for a 6'4 240lb human being. Let's be honest: it's frightening. Much like the rest of the TEs on this list, he is not easy to bring down, generally requiring more than 2 players to take down. That won't necessarily be the case at the college level, but at 6'3-4 and 240lbs as a junior, he may gain a few pounds and maybe an inch by the time he got on campus. I'd take it.

That's all she wrote for the time being on TEs. And though the list is small, all of the prospects are solid. More will pop up as well, so we will revisit this list, along with the others, as the recruiting season goes on. Next week we will take a look at a sizeable WR list that continues to grow. GO BRONCOS!