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Correa the next Clay Matthews?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Clay Matthews may look like a roided up Jeff Spicoli, but he's been one of the NFL's superstars since 2009 and is a six time Pro Bowler. The Triple-H lookalike has been good for 10 sacks a year over his 7 year NFL stint and exemplifies dominant defensive play. So, being compared to the son of Odin would probably bode quite well for a prospective NFL draftee, right? Indeed, and that's just what one analyst is doing with Boise State's Kamalei Correa. Tony Pauline, of reports Correa has the "style and substance" of the veteran Matthews in the eyes of team execs who watched him at the combine and they appear to love Kamalei's upside more than Oprah loves bread (Oprah LOVES bread). Pauline, like Kiper before him, thinks that Correa's draft stock is sky high after a solid combine performance and that he could have worked his way into a potential first round appearance on draft night.

It all makes sense if you look at the numbers. Correa is already the same size and stature as Matthews and played sundry defensive positions at the collegiate level like Clay did at USC. Someone will always knock level of competition, but Pauline wisely notes that Correa outdid the departed Demarcus Lawrence just one year after D-Law went in the second round the to the Dallas Cowboys. The bottom line is that Correa underscored his impressive vault of game film with his combine performance and now teammate Darian Thompson, who has an equally impressive film library, will try to do the same at BSU's pro day after a somewhat lackluster combine. It's safe to say both men stand to make a considerable amount of money at the end of April.