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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State gymnasts dominate; basketball wraps up

Harry How/Getty Images

An eventful weekend shapes up to be a fun week ahead. With the NCAA finals coming for a bunch of spots, there is a lot to watch. So let's get to it.

Bronco gymnasts beat Michigan State

And quite soundly. The teams get to drop the lowest score from their totals. Based on the balance beam portion I almost, almost, feel bad for Michigan State.

boise state mich state balance beam

The Broncos' worst score was still better than the Spartans' best. High comedy. And now the Broncos are 10-0. Guess what that makes them? (Aside from REALLY good?)

Impressive. Boise State brings in two B1G schools and sends them home packing. The Broncos are putting on a show. Next up is Southern Utah and San José State in Boise on March 11 at 7 p.m.

Bronco women's basketball tips off the weekend with a win

Gets the number three seed in the MWC tournament. Boise State men? Lose. But still end up the third seed as well. Little difference, really, as they still would have (probably) faced Fresno State in the third round, provided the Broncos win their opening round. Maybe Rice was throwing San José a bone for senior night? Who knows.

Boise State men's basketball possible seven seed in the NIT?

Fresno State also a seven. Mighty low seeding for both teams. But an NIT berth would be a nice consolation.

You can check possible CBI/CIT teams if you were so inclined.

Broncos at Northern Arizona to dive

Broncos looking to make a splash at the Zone Championships. Good luck to the Broncos!

Boise State loses out on basketball recruit

To Duke. I mean. Sure. Ok. If this were football I would laugh. But, well, it is basketball so whaddyagonnado?

Doug Martin the #1 free agent running back

Taking directly from the article:


That about sums it up. Lamar Miller being number two should be a good sign for Ajayi and his ability to get the starting role nod in Miami.

Payton Manning retires

Good for the Glove. I'll miss him throwing touchdowns and his defensive play on the court. Big moment for the NFL and the basketball world all around.


My birthday is in August. If you guys were interested in any gift ideas.

This Monday I'm just going to float on with Oliver.