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Boise State Game Balls for Week of February 28th

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

The men's and women's basketball seasons are done. So is the swimming and diving team. Oh, and the Mountain West indoor track season (on to the NCAAs!). Game Balls never ends!

Game Ball One:

Shay Shaw (basketball)

shalen shaw

The Nevada game on Tuesday was a tight contest and needed an overtime to complete. Much to the chagrin of the Wolf Pack. Ms. Shaw hopped on the double-double train with 14 points and 15 rebounds. She also tossed in an assist for good measure. In the overtime she had 4 points and 4 rebounds to get the Broncos on the right side of the win/loss column in this game. On last Friday's senior night win over San José, Shaw was back at the double-double train with 19 points, 13 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals. That double-double would be her eleventh on the season.

That means she got double-doubles in over a third of the Broncos' games, 11 out of 29 (35%). For the regular season Ms. Shaw was second in the Mountain West for rebounds with 8.93/game. Second to Fresno State's Bego Faz Davalos' 9.41/game. Shaw is actually tied for 12th in the Mountain West with fellow Bronco Miquelle Askew in scoring with 12.3 points/game. Not too shabby.

Congratulations, again, to Ms. Shaw!

Game Ball One:

Yaiza Rodriguez (basketball)


"You get a ball! You get a ball! EVERYONE GETS A BALL!!!" Ms. Rodriguez is basically the Oprah of the Broncos's basketball team with all the assists she throws to her teammates. Rodriguez only had one point on the night, but she had a whopping 13 assists. Nevada had ten across the entire team. In fact, the rest of the players on the floor, regardless of association, had 14 assists. It is no wonder Rodriguez leads the league in assists with an average of 5.6 assists/game. On senior night, her total was not quite as high, only a "paltry" six assists. But she did score a little more with six as well. We might as well start calling her The Mailwoman with all the deliveries she's been doling out.

Congratulations Ms. Rodriguez!!

Game Ball Three:

Anthony Drmic (basketball)


On senior night, Mr. Drmic became third in all-time scoring for the Broncos when he grabbed 22 points to go with his 11 rebounds. That would be his fourth double-double for his career. And the Broncos probably wished the season ended on that note versus what happened at San José State. The one positive that came about the game versus the Spartans was that Drmic is now #2 in scoring for Boise State.

Which is pretty cool. He could very well hit the number one spot in the Mountain West tournament. He may have to for the Broncos to stay alive.

Congratulations Mr. Drmic.

Game Ball Four:

James Webb, III (basketball)

james webb

Coming off an injury to play in the Nevada game, Webb was able to get 15 points and 7 rebounds before heading to the bench. He also was able to get 15 points and 7 rebounds in the debacle that was the San José State outing before he fouled out. In order for the Broncos to have success, he needs to have success (apparently except against San Diego State). In the Nevada game he had to go to the locker room because of the knee. Scary. But being full-strength this Thursday will be vital for the Broncos's MWC tournament hopes and the NCAA.

Congratulations Mr. Webb.

Game Ball Five:

Mackenzie McGill (softball)

Mackenzie McGill

The junior pitched a complete game against Seattle University for a 5-2 win. After allowing two runs in the first, the junior pitcher rebounded and didn't allow another runner to score and struck out three. The softball team is struggling (only 4-15 for the year) but they are making strides and getting better. McGill could very well be a part of that.

Congratulations Ms. McGill.

Your turn

Lots of season's are wrapping up. And there are going to be some headway made with some of these teams. The NCAA track and field should be fun. As well as the NCAA tournament (even without the men's team). Any performances that stuck out?