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Boise State men's basketball has three honored by Mountain West media

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West Conference media members have released their All-MWC selections and Boise State has its representatives. The release from Boise State is here. The complete teams are here.

The Broncos's selections are:

  • James Webb, III -- First team
  • Mikey Thompson -- Third team
  • Anthony Drmic -- Honorable Mention

With the up and down season this team has had, this is actually par for the course and quite reasonable. No other Broncos were as consistent to earn any other recognition. Also considering the parity of the league, there were a lot of candidates for these all-MWC teams.

As for any other Broncos that could have earned a spot?:
  • Chandler Hutchison: Coming off the bench for the Broncos he could make his presence known. Unfortunately the sophomore struggled down the later MWC games. And also had that academic issue that prohibited him from playing. Certainly not a snub, but a case could have been made for his inclusion (though probably not a terribly strong one). Hutchison is getting better and becoming a leader for this team, so keep an eye out for next year.
  • Nick Duncan: Nothing is better than a fired up Nick Duncan. Unfortunately he's just not consistent enough. He started his freshman year with a 41% three-ball accuracy. He's been downhill since then. Last year he shot 38.4% and he's down to a 34.1% this year. If you are going to take the shots, got to make them.
  • Lonnie Jackson?: His single season saw him be productive for the Broncos. A better three-point shooter than Duncan at 39.1% and averaging 6.9 points a game.

Your Turn

Can not really disagree with Boise State's selected athletes. The coach's selections will come out soon. Any Broncos that are on the cusp of inclusion? Based on this year, Austin will be a force, along with Harwell when he's healthy. The Broncos will have a pretty awesome small-ball line-up next year.