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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Women's basketball senior night; Ranking the MWC games; Football Spring calendar

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Friday has wheeled itself around again. And is awesome!

Boise State football has put up a spring practice calendar

Plan accordingly.

Spring game is set and I cannot wait!

Want to keep tabs of the Mountain West basketball tournaments?

Both men's and women's? The MWC has partnered with Campus Insiders to bring coverage of the games. They will be broadcasting all of the women's games and the men's first round games.

Senior night for the Boise State women's basketball team

The Broncos will be honoring Miquelle Askew, Lexie Der, and Julia Duferrena. Three seniors, yes, three dollar tickets if you wear white. The Broncos are playing for third ranking in the the Mountain West tournament. Colorado State and Fresno State are currently one and two respectively. With a loss, the Broncos would be fourth but get a first round bye regardless. The seniors deserve a strong showing from Bronco Nation so if you are able to attend, you should.

SB Nation ranks the 128 college football head coaches as spoonerisms

There are some good ones here. Dark Mantonio is quite the number one ranked name. And Rim Detuyter. That is waaayyy funnier than it should be. Locky Rong?! High comedy here folks.

College Football News ranks MWC football games

Boise State has the #1 non-conference game (against BYU). Then has the top three conference games (Air Force, Utah State, and Colorado State in that order). Colorado State has the most appearances in the conference games with five.


The new Ghostbusters is coming out

And it should be pretty fun. My daughter loves Ghostbusters, for some reason. So we're pretty excited for this!

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