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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise pretty nice to live; Space Broncos fundraiser; Boise State swimming at the NCAAs

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Another Wednesday in the books. Thursdays are just the first taste of the weekend!

Broncos volunteering in the community

Community service is undoubtedly a staple for programs across the country. But it is always good to see Broncos reaching out and volunteering their time. Seeing the team have a positive impact builds ties to the community and goodwill towards the fans. So seeing the team hang out with kids is pretty neat.


Boise State wants you to buy season tickets

This home slate is a good one. And it will be even better with you in the seats. Boise State has a penchant for late starts, so that will most likely be a factor. Now that we know what the matchups are going to be every week, the next part is whether or not they will be moved to Thursdays or Fridays (hint: yes). Then the dreaded late starts (hint: probably quite a few of them). Though a major frustration, start times probably will not improve.

Boise is #6 Per US News in places to live

Sounds about right.

More on the Broncos men's basketball win last night

Aside from the good vibrations in seeing the seniors get their deserved win, a few other things either happened or were said.

You would have to go back to the Bobby Dye-era of Bronco basketball to see as many 20 win seasons. And in this case quite literally as Dye only had four 20 win seasons out of twelve years. Rice was able to get four of those 20 win seasons in the Mountain West. In case you were curious, Greg Graham had two 20 win seasons.

And as for Webb and returning next year?

Not that anyone asked what my take was, I am still going to offer it. This is a TOTAL guess. My prediction is that Webb leaves early for a paycheck after this year. While he still needs to develop some more, he can do that and get paid. This is not football where you are kind of limited to whomever wants to pay you. There is Europe, Asia, and Australia where clubs could take in a young kid to develop. Then Webb could try and make an NBA roster.

Sam Whitney: kinda strong

So this is encouraging. Dude is 6'1".

Space Broncos with a fundraiser

Seems like a pretty worthwhile cause. If you are able, see about donating some cash. The dollar value is relatively low (a total of $350) and they can do some good with their demonstration for high school students.

Boise State swimmers earn NCAA invites

The Broncos have some really good swimmers that are going to represent the university. Most notably Sam Wicks who recently earned the Mountain West swimmer of the year. A few of these Broncos have the ability to make some splashes at the tournament and get the Boise State name some recognition.

Tennessee and Texas A&M lead the field with thirteen swimmers each at the meet. Boise State with three (seems a lot more than that considering all they qualified for). Boise State leads the Mountain West with the three invited swimmers. Wyoming is second with two. Air Force, Fresno State, Nevada (who recently won the Mountain West championships), San Diego State, and UNLV all just one apiece. Wish them luck!


McDonalds bringing virtual reality to you (or your kids at least)

They are turning their ubiquitous Happy Meals to VR headsets for the everyman--err-child. Being a glasses-wearer I am no fan of 3D or virtual reality. So this is 'meh' for me.

Want a stick of gum?