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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Webb declares for draft; Rice interviews at another school

What did the plumber say to his wife when he wanted a divorce?

"It's over Flo."

Another Q&A with University of Idaho President Chuck Staben

Some more hints about where the football team will ultimately end up. Mr. Staben seems to be answering a lot of these questions lately. Curious as to what really ends up happening.

James Webb III declares for the draft.

Which is expected. The positive here is that he has not hired an agent (yet) and he can still withdraw and return to school. Course, this does not necessarily preclude him from going a different route. Either way, I wish him luck and hope he lights up wherever he goes (just really hoping it is for Boise State).

Rice interviews at Saint Louis University

Maybe the "let's fire Leon Rice" crowd will kind of, sort of, get their wish and he leaves of his own accord. You never really know the value of someone/something until they are gone. Someone definitely sees Rice's value.

As with Webb, I wish nothing but the best for Rice. Just hope that best is at Boise State.


New! At Arby's!

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