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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State first round draftees; Correa in ESPN McShay's mock draft

And Friday! Woo!!!

Iowa State has not had a first round draftee since 1973

Which is hilarious considering Boise State has had the G5's last (and most recent) multi-selections in the first round (SMU in 1986 would be the other team with more than one in the first round). Heck, even Idaho has had a first rounder (Mike Iupati in 2010). I almost feel bad for Iowa State.


SB Nation's Air Force preview

Ah. The triple option. Not quite Boise State's shining moments when it comes to on-field results. But in order to learn from the past, we need to, well, learn about the team. Connelly puts together very many words about Air Force. And if you have the time, you should force yourself to read it. It is good. And the fact that Boise State has to play AT Air Force this year does nothing for my heart palpitations.

Todd McShay's mock draft 4.0 for the first two rounds

It's an ESPN Insider article (you have to pay for it) but I'll save you the time: Correa to Titans with pick number 33.

Deseret News article introducing Julius Brown

Boilerplate questions and stock answers. But still interesting to see his takeaway from the Boise State / Utah State game last year. I hope he does well (except for one game next year).

Team that Boise State and UNLV beat in basketball is in the NCAA Elite Eight

So that's cool. I guess. The Ducks beat Duke. I doubt anyone's heart is breaking over that.


How many of you are there? There is only one of me in the whole United States. I AM A BEAUTIFUL SNOWFLAKE!!!!