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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: New ACL procedure; Idaho opens spring camp

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Here is my Throwback Thursday contribution:

intentionally left blank

Great news for folks with ACL tears

This could be yuge in terms of getting athletes back on the field faster and better condition than before. ACL tears are the bane of many an athlete so giving them an opportunity to get back to the field of competition with less down time, but more confidence? Awesome. Want to see a video of how this thing works?


Anthony Drmic now unfiltered

And it is pretty great.

Athletes who have to be muzzled are no fun. So seeing these guys get to be themselves and actually talk openly about other stuff is pretty hilarious. If you use the Twitters, you should definitely give Drmic a follow (if you do not already).

The tribe from up North is opening spring camp.

And, well, it's Idaho Vandal football. They want to go to a bowl game and show the Sun Belt Conference what, exactly, it is they will be missing once the Vandals are no longer there.

And, apparently, signs are pointing to them going independent again.

Sure. Ok. That worked out SO well before.

Our friends at the Alabama blog, Roll Bama Roll, put together a gymnastics primer

It's Alabama-centric, of course, but it certainly seems fair and well-done. The Broncos are going to have a rough hill to slog. Especially, as Erik Evans pointed out, Alabama did beat Boise State last year. While that was certainly a different team than this year, it should still be something to watch. Boise State needs to get second place to advance to the next round. I like their chances.

You have Netflix? They're getting rid of some stuff, so you better watch quickly!

To fill the times you aren't eating, sleeping, thinking about football, or reading OBNUG, you may be watching Netflix. What Netflix giveth, Netflix taketh away. Watch these titles until they're gone!


Since I missed National Puppy Day yesterday, here is Doge Weather.