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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Colledge joins the Army; Boise State adds another track athlete

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

We just gotta get over this hump that is hump day.

Daryn Colledge has joined the Army National Guard

Good for him for feeling the need to serve. It's a tough thing to do, but I have no doubt he will be just fine.

Boise State adds another track athlete

Emily DeMarco to add more trophies to her coffers while at Boise State. Her somewhat brief résumé is pretty impressive. Good to see runners from all over the country wanting to get in on the Broncos running success. (Let's just hope Missouri does not read OBNUG.)

Brief write up on graduate transfer Will Adams

Looks as though an Auburn strength coach helped Adams make his way to Boise State. Which is pretty cool. Caution: wading into any comment section (present company excluded) can be hazardous to your health. Including this article from this site. HOWEVER it is still pretty comical the exchanges. It is still football in the state of Alabama.

Which player from ESPN's top 25 CFB team would make the best President

Again, more lists that have the words "college," "football," and "top 25". The college football offseason is far too long if we are making a list of players on teams who would be good Presidents. Anyway, no, this is not an invitation to talk politics in earnest. There are puh-lenty of places on the internet for those kinds of shenanigans. If you have that itch, I have no doubt you can find somewhere to scratch it. Just not here, please. Thank you.

Harsin has won conference championships in two out of three years as a Head coach

He had to split the one at Arkansas State with ULL. Well the Ragin' Cajuns had to vacate their wins from that season so now Harsin--err--Arkansas State gets to claim the whole thing all to themselves. Good for past-Harsin and good for Arkansas State.


Ever use a Magic 8 ball? This is the same thing. But the Almighty Helix Fossil.