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Mountain West releases 2016 football schedule

With the doldrums here, this gets the juices flowing!

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Every day brings us closer to football season. Along the way we will cherish milestones as they arrive and savor them as they remind us to what we look forward. Today another milestone has come to us: the Mountain West Conference release of the football schedule.

And there was rejoicing.

As always there is the caveat that the actual days can change (Saturdays can move to Fridays) and times aren't usually set in stone until the week prior (helloooo 8:15 p.m. kickoffs in early November).

As it stands, here is the Broncos (tentative) schedule for the fall:

Some observations:

  • Solid schedule overall. Two Pac 12 opponents, BYU, and Louisiana (I had to Google that as I forgot which Louisiana they were). All FBS opponents. Which is a good thing.
  • It's a winnable schedule. Boise State will probably be favored in all but two (BYU and Washington State). But we all know how that goes. Being favored, or not, means nothing if you can't win the stupid games.
  • Bye September 17th. Kind of an early bye to start things off. Keep an eye on the injury bug once the BYU game gets closer. That could be worrisome.
  • The short turnaround for BYU is kind of a bummer. But at least it is at Bronc--err--Albertson's Stadium. With Colorado State before that, it's a nice stretch.
  • Short week for the UNLV game, again at home but after a trip to Hawai'i. Good thing the team flies charter as they'll be losing a couple of hours heading back home.
  • No thirteenth game for playing at Hawai'i. I suppose they didn't feel it necessary to "make up" that game.
  • A bit of a "longer" stretch heading into the season finale at Air Force. How nice of the Mountain West to set it up like that. (Kind of being facetious, kind of not.)

Your Turn

Excited? Anxious? For a lot of these the times are what is most important. Hopefully ESPN is going to be kind with the timing of these so as to allow for fans to attend, and get home, before one a.m.