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Bronco Football Spring Break

See ya.
See ya.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Spring camp will briefly adjourn next week for Spring Break and while most college students have big plans for Havasu or Cabo, the Bronco football players sometimes have to be a little more creative. Some choose to stay in Boise and hone their craft, while others simply return home to visit with loved ones. OBNUG has taken the liberty of guessing as to what the following Broncos would say if pressed about their Spring Break plans. This list may be made up, but it's still probably more accurate than my NCAA tournament bracket.

What are you doing for Spring Break?

Brett Rypien

"Wearing my jersey to the Pullman Applebee's so I can eat free."

Brock Barr

"Getting re-permed"

Ben Weaver

"Headed back to Texas to make sure it hasn't been messed with in my absence."

Joe Martarano

"Hustling batting cages"

Gabe Perez

"Visiting Bob's Neckroll Emporium in Pasadena."

Ryan Finley

"Film study (the films of the incomparable Julie Andrews)."

Tyler Rausa

"Kicking stuff."

Thomas Sperbeck

"Spring cleaning. Cleaning off shelf space for a Biletnikoff Award."

Andy Avalos

"Analyzing game tape of Air Force and New Mexico until each and every triple option play is seared into my very consciousness and I am haunted by the leering visage of Bob Davie and Troy Calhoun. Also, Wahooz if I have time."

Mario Yakoo

"Road trip. Overland Road to Chuck-a-Rama, that is"

Alec Dhaenens

"Making a killer pillow fort."

Chase Blakley

"Overseeing construction of a pretty killer pillow fort."

Chanceller James

"Heading back to San Diego to see friends and family...also to TP Rocky Long's house."

Sam McCaskill

"Same thing I do every Spring Break. LARPing."


Chaz Anderson

"Going long. Sorry, force of habit...I meant to say, 'going to Long Beach'."

Andres Preciado

"Learning to speak Klingon."

Elliot Hoyte

"tlhap chu' HaDwI' (taking on a new student)"