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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Lyle Smith 100 for 100; Boise State swimmers and wrestlers in action

Here is the day. Friday. Did you all survive the first week of the Daylight Saving Time?

Donate to the Lyle Smith 100 for 100

The levels of donation are pretty cool monumental dates in the history of both Lyle Smith and Boise State. One of the campaigns goals is to get to 100 donations (though I would guess if they exceeded that, it wouldn't hurt their feelings).

I hope you consider donating.

Denver Broncos planning on trading Ryan Clady

Disappointing for the former first rounder. He'd been hampered by injuries his years with Denver, missing out on both Super Bowls due to injury. The one positive is he has a Super Bowl ring and that is something.

Fresno State falls in the first round of the NCAA tournament

And thus ends the Mountain West Conference's presence in the tournament. The league's best team: Boise State San Diego State probably should have gotten an invite as well. They could have gotten out of the first round. At least the Bulldogs made the appearance. I suppose.

Geordan Martinez and Chris Castillo in second day of NCAAs

They both went 1-1 for the first day, so they will be in the consolation brackets. If you are a fan of grapplers, you should tune in to ESPN 3 where they will be broadcasting the matches. (Man, I really am starting to dig ESPN's coverage of the Olympic (read: non-revenue) sports.

Bronco Gymnasts square off against the rest of the MRGC in championships

The Broncos look to capture back-to-back titles following up a stellar senior night where the squad netted the school's record-high team score. Senior Krystine Jacobsen was nice enough to have a chat with me yesterday so I will be getting something up over the next few days regarding their work to getting this far, and hopes to get into the nationals.

Boise State swimmers in day three of the NCAAs

Some tough competition at this level. Boise State got the sixth fastest time in the 200 meter free relay with a time of 1:30.20. Which sounds well and good. But it was only good for 22nd. Yikes! The amount of talent in the pool can be overwhelming. Hopefully the third day will treat the Broncos better.

Bob Davie has made New Mexico a thing. Yuck.

I SUPER hate the triple option. But check out Bill Connelly's breakdown of the Lobos for the next year. I am waiting with bated breath for Boise State's preview. Should be good.


Blackle. Basically this is Google, just in black. The theory is it helps save energy because LED backlight monitors do not light up the parts that are black. Never know. Could work.