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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Bronco Swimmers; McClellin visiting Seahawks

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports


ESPN does their own college basketball style football playoff

The seedings and outcomes are based on their own projections for the 2016 season. They have the regular season teams with auto-bids, then at-large bids. They have Boise State a seven seed with the auto-bid winning the Mountain West Conference regular season. I likey. They have the Broncos against the ten seed Arizona Wildcats. Ok. Sure. But they have the Wildcats beating the Broncos. Not as big of a fan. Regardless. Fun read and interesting where they put all the match ups. If only we could see an expanded tournament some time soon!

Bronco swimmers are going to win some national titles!!

Or, at least I sure hope they do! Boise State will be in quite a few relays (my personal favs of these kinds of events). If you want to keep track, you can click the link and find ways to get live results or even watch the events. ESPN 3 will be airing a few of the days as well.

San Diego State wins first round at NIT

Not sure if you care, but this is important. The better they (and Fresno State) do in the post-season bodes well for Mountain West perception. (Though I will be honest: it did not break my heart that the Aztecs did not make the NCAA tournament.)

Shea McClellin visiting Seattle Seahawks

The former Bronco did just ok in Chicago. But just not good enough to make them regret not picking up the fifth-year option (like Doug Martin did to Tampa Bay). McClellin was playing out of position for the Bears. While he was exceptional as a defensive end for the Broncos, he just was not big enough to play with a hand in the dirt. Moving back to outside linebacker turned out to be a much better fit for the Boise State star. And what with the Oakland Raiders nabbing Bruce Irvin in free agency (yes!!!) McClellin could fill that hole pretty nicely.

Want to watch a couple of Boise State football practice clips?

Sure you do.

Sperbeck with a grab!

The QBs doing things that QBs do!!

Best shooty-hoops player on a football team?

The cool thing about being on any particular top 25 list in the preseason is getting included on lists that are made to generate clicks. Is it offseason? Sure. Does it have football in the title? Yup. Is it going to generate a whole boatload of clicks? You betcha!


Boromir death simulator. Pretty awesome if you are a Tolkien fan.