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Boise State to host the MRGC gymnastics championships

The Mountain Rim Gymnastics conference championships are Saturday, March 19th at 6 p.m. in Taco Bell Arena.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos are looking to extend their undefeated streak and keep the Mountain Rim Gymnastics Conference crown they took last year at Denver. And if they perform anything like this:

They have a REAL strong chance of repeating as champions.

The conference is just Boise State and a bunch of Utah schools (Southern Utah, Utah State, and Brigham Young). While a four team conference is a bit of a small sample-size, it is still an accepted way for the Broncos to compete. You know who also only has four? The Big XII: Iowa State, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and (you guessed it) Denver. Denver USED to be in the MRGC but left for the Big XII.

I am going to type slower so you can read that again.

Denver WAS in the SAME conference as BOISE STATE but LEFT to join the BIG XII. This... vexes me greatly. Just our luck that, even as an associate member of a conference, Boise State gets left out. Figures (and, yes, I am aware that Boise State does participate in the Pac-12 for wrestling).


Speaking of the only undefeated gymnastics program in the nation, you know what really grinds my gears?

All Boise State has done is win and they keep backsliding in the polls. They managed to go from a season (and program) high of ninth in the country to all the way back to 15th. The one positive is that the rankings are not (necessarily) based on subjective humans (while the actual meets are) but the rankings are based on the squad's Regional Qualifying Score (RQS). What goes into a team's RQS? Glad you asked.

Ordered by Regional Qualifying Score (RQS). Qualification for regional competition is based on a team's and an all-around competitor's six best regular-season-meet scores, of which three must be away. To obtain the regional qualifying score (RQS), the high score is eliminated and the remaining five scores are averaged. Teams with a "0.0" RQS have not yet competed enough meets to compute an RQS.

Here are the full team rankings. So it is not humans causing the Broncos drop in the polls but other squads just putting up some really solid numbers.

If you are able to go watch a team on campus that will not disappoint you, make it to these guys. They deserve your patronage and support.