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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: College Basketball-type football bracket; Hawaii's brutal schedule

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Well we now know the fate of the men's basketball team: no post-season. Kind of feel bad for Drmic in that any post-season appearance probably would have been just so he could break the all-time Boise State scoring record. But them's the breaks.

On to your Tuesday links.

Kellen Moore would cause concern if he was still Romo's backup?

Well I know of someone who is off my Christmas card list. I will say this: I am most happy with Kellen's opportunities. He's thrown for over 400 yards in a for-real game! But maybe a starter for an NFL team is not going to be in his future. He will be fine though. I certainly hope he gets another chance.

Vegas16 only has eight teams

But a pretty good sense of humor.

There is also this:

Not sure if there is any right or wrong answer for the Broncos and the Vegas16. If, perhaps, one Power 5 team had gone in too, or some other strong mid-majors, Boise State may have made the jump. $50,000 is quite the chunk of change just to get Drmic to break the record. At any rate, what's done is done and the Broncos are staying home. On to gymnastics!!!

If College Football had a basketball-type bracket

I could support this. Boise State with a 12 seed against North Carolina. I would take that chance, even with the up-and-down 2015 team. If Boise State won all their games (not out of the realm of imagination) their opponents, in order (probably), would be: North Carolina, Iowa, Clemson, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Bama? Woof. No way would a football tournament ever get that large (and it shouldn't) but sure is fun to talk about.

Reviewing Hawaii's schedule

These guys are on the road more than they are in the classroom. When do these guys ever get classroom instruction? I guess it works out, but this has to take a toll on your body. Good luck to these guys. They're going to need it.

The Broncos want you to buy things

And, coincidentally enough, I want you to buy me things. Listen guys. My birthday (Christmas, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, whatever) list is pretty reasonable. It wouldn't hurt you to go ahead and get me any one of these fine things. I certainly won't mind. (And, of course, I am joking. Kind of.)


Weather From. You may have to be careful with this one. It is not NSFW per se but the clip I watched included a couple of words that would not necessarily be appropriate for the workplace. But mostly harmless.

This may only appeal to nerds. But I would pay decent money to play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in a complete rendering this way. Love this.