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Boise State basketball will forgo postseason play

Done and done

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

If getting bounced from the quarterfinals of the MWC tournament wasn't already a bitter pill, Boise State just announced that they'll be calling it a season and will not be headed to a lesser postseason tourney. The NCAA tourney was clearly not to be, as the Broncos failed to play themselves into an at-large bid and the NIT selection came and went with no Bronco invite. The CBI also looked elsewhere and it looked like the inaugural Vegas 16 tournament would ultimately extend an invitation to the Broncos. But as the morning wore on and more and more teams vowed to stay far away from Sin City, many started to wonder if the Broncos would even want to go to the fly-by-night tournament. With the release of the bracket moments ago, I'd say we didn't miss out on much:

Don't cry for the Broncos...they may have dodged a major bullet here, but if you want to feel your feelings, direct them at Anthony Drmic, who fell a cruel THREE points from the all time scoring record at BSU—or by Vegas16 math, one point.