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MWC Tourney GameThread: Boise State vs Colorado State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

By virtue of finishing 3rd in the regular season, Boise State is through to the conference tourney quarterfinals and fittingly, it's Colorado State that will decide whether they advance or head home. You may remember last month when the Broncos were robbed of a win in Fort Collins...who am I kidding...OF COURSE you remember when they were robbed of a win in Fort Collins last month. Stopwatchgate is fresh enough in our collective memory to give this game a little something special...oh and there's also this from the BELOVED Larry Eustachy:

"One game I remember, I call it the '$300,000 game' because I walked out on the court in Boise to talk to our team and I got a technical and we lost the game. And with that we lost the championship. And with that we lost the NCAA tournament bid....That was a $300,000 technical."

I love that anecdote. Oh, and besides staying alive in the conference tourney (and keeping our NCAA tourney hopes alive), Anthony Drmic could become Boise State's all-time leading scorer if he puts up 15 or more points tonight. So keep an eye on that just in case the Broncos don't get another game this season. They will though. They will.

The game (unfortunately) is on CBS Sports Network, which not a lot of people have, and doesn't have good streaming options available...but if you do have said network, you're in luck. Otherwise, you can tune in to 670 KBOI or follow a gamecast. This is March. Go Broncos!