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Boise State Broncos earn 12 Mountain West Conference awards from indoor track championships

Mountain West Conference

With the Mountain West Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships in the rear view mirror, the conference still has to dole out individual, coaching, and relay awards. Yesterday the conference released the final awards. Though Boise State did not get the lion's share of the awards (those went to Air Force and man did they clean up) they were able to get a pretty decent size.

So how did they do?

In all, the Broncos were able to get twelve all-conference awards between the men and women. The men got three individual awards winners and a relay (David Elliott got two awards), while the women got four individual winners and a relay (Minttu Hukka and Breanna Peloquin both won two awards). Some award winners were champions in their respective events, while others just finished in the top three. Check them out here.

Name Event
David Elliott Mile; 3000 Meters
Dusty Fisher 400 Meters
Alexandru Terpezan 200 Meters
Men's Relays Distance Medley Relay
Alexis Fuller 800 Meters
Sadie Henderson 800 Meters
Minttu Hukka 3000 Meters; 5000 Meters
Brenna Peloquin 3000 Meters; 5000 Meters
Women's Relays Distance Medley Relay

The accolades for the Bronco track athletes do not appear to be slowing down as both David Elliott and Allie Ostrander will be making their way to nationals to compete in the NCAAs. Look to those to for some more hardware coming to Boise State. It does not seem to be settled (publicly) which event Ostrander will decide to win, whether it is the 3,000 meters or the 5,000. Elliiott will be participating in the mile (and perhaps another sub-four minute mile).

Good luck to those two and Go Broncos!